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LITE↯BLOX Gen4 Motorsport batteries

LITE↯BLOX Gen4 Motorsport batteries

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The (r)evolutionary car battery

Our LITE↯BLOX batteries have been extensively engineered to set new standards in subtracting weight from your vehicle.

We use latest LiFePO4 storage technology within in an innovative carbon fibre housing, to substitute your standard starter battery with less volume & weight.

Engineered for professional motorsports & built by hand in our manufactury, we guarantee for outstanding quality & strictly premium materials - made in Germany.

Our innovative housing concept is shielding the cells from thermal plus mechanical influences and therefore allows usage under extreme conditions, providing extended lifespan & safety.
An intelligent electronics is monitoring the charge status permanently and protects the battery from any kind of misuse by an implemented powerswitch unit with additional remote function via smartphone (vehicle anti-theft) or external wiring (cut-off / kill-switch)



  • saves 15-22kg (33-48lbs) to standard starter battery
  • plug’n’play replacement – fit for hardly any production car
  • WPAN interface for wireless data monitoring via Smartphone APP
  • maintenance-free due to intelligent power-electronics with for misuse and overload by:
    over-/undervoltage, over-/undertemperatur, over/-undercurrent & short ciruit
  • innovative & smart electronics for kill-switch via Smartphone APP in two different programs:
    1.) I.K.O.S. – Intelligent Kill-Off-Switch:
    effective disconnection of the LITE↯BLOX from the vehicle due to overload or via Smartphone (emergency or extended sitting periods), similar to the common FIA kill-off switch
    2.) A.V.A.T. – Active Vehicle Anti Theft:
    while all consumers are still being provided with energy, the LITE↯BLOX will instantly shut down at any theft attempt
  • latest premium cell technology (A123 ANR26650M1B V3)
  • rapid charging (optimal für Start-Stopp)
  • marginally self-drain when not in use (sitting time >250days)
  • fail safe due to innvative concept and premium materials
  • FIA approved for Formula3 F3
  • DMSB homologated (Lithium Ion battery RLB2016-27/17)
  • tested in professional motorsport



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