NEO Synthetics

As Neo Synthetics distributor for the Benelux and Germany we stock all common used NEO synthetic products.

The NEO product line contains synthetic lubrication for the most demanding motorsports and is proven to win in Endurance racing, Rally(raid), GT racing and even in Formula 1 , Indycar and Nascar. 

Over the last three decades NEO lubricants have set the standards by which other lubricants are measured.Especially in professional racing programs where the need for extra power and longevity is constant.NEO Synthetic Lubricants have exceeded all expectations have become known as the Technological Lubricant.

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NEO Synthetics HPCC1 C/V Grease (cartridge)
HPCC1 C/V Grease (cartridge)
NEO Synthetics HPCC1 CV Grease , The ultimate motorsport CV grease for extreme applications
NEO Synthetics HP800 Wheel B Grease ( pot 450 Gram )
HP800 Wheel B Grease ( pot 450 Gram )
NEO synthetics HP800 wheel Bearing grease. 1lb Tub
NEO Synthetics Super Dot Brake Fluid ( 0.47 liter)
Super Dot Brake Fluid ( 0.47 liter)
Neo Synthetics Superdot 610 Brake fluid

Dot 4 basis remvloeistof voor performance en racetoepassing.


Kookpunt "nat": 216ºC
Kookpunt "droog" : 314ºC

Superdot is te mengen met andere (conventionele) remvloestoffen maar ni...
NEO Synthetics CV500 ( 453 Gram)
CV500 ( 453 Gram)
een homokineet en lagervet voor alle zwaarbelaste Autosport toepassingen.
NEO Synthetics 75w90RHD Gear Oil (1 US Gallon / 3.8 Liter)
75w90RHD Gear Oil (1 US Gallon / 3.8 Liter)
1 IS Gallon / 3.8 Liter 75w90RHD gear oil -
NEO Synthetics LW18 ( 3.8 liter )
LW18 ( 3.8 liter )
Neo Synthetic LW18 ( Lightweight - lage viscositeit) Gear oil.
Lagere werktemperaturen / Uitzonderlijke thermische stabiliteit
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