SRS 800 Duct blowers

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Extreme environment duct blower - used in many motorsport applications...Meer informatie
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DOWNLOAD SRS800 Specs and Manual here.

The SRS800 is the latest version and replaces all previous versions including the SRS400 and SRS500. The prior versions are no longer available. Like previous versions, the SRS800 is an evolution with better performance, is significantly smaller, lighter and draws less current than any previous model. 

How is that accomplished?
One need look no further than the blower’s designer and manufacturer, Yoshi Suzuka, an acclaimed aerodynamicists specializing in aero design of prototype racing sports cars, GT cars and wind tunnel design and construction.

The SRS blowers have been an on-going development product that has been updated 3 previous times. It is the only blower on the market with specific design and construction details to meet the demands of professional racing. 
This has been proven time after time in FIA Rally, Professional Sports Car in the US and Europe, NASCAR and other Oval Track and many non-racing applications including the Georgia Highway Department.

The SRS800 comes with a fully developed inlet funnel. 
The blower can also be used without the inlet funnel. 

If properly installed the inlet funnel flange can be used as a load bearing mounting flange. The flange is marked in the manufacturing process for precise hole locations for mounting.



SRS 800 Duct blowers
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