At Hendriks Motorsport BV we can help you with all high quality plumbing needs.

Check our Facebook photo gallery for some of the hoses we made. 

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We keep a large stock of the most common fittings and hose, Therefor we are able to supply 90% of all needs within 24 hours. 

If you need hose for special applications we can design and fabricate custom fittings & adapters to your needs.


PROGold hose 

For the lines we use top quality , Flexible,  teflon hose with a choice in stainless steel, Polyester, HTP ( high temperature Polymer , and Aramid ( kevlar) braid.

Lightweight ProGold crimp Fittings

BMRS PROGold fittings are of the highest standard , Lightweight and durable. with a wide range of fittings to suit all your needs.But also with the capability to build a fitting to your exact specification. 


Brake lines

All -03 and -04 brake lines have stainless steel braid with a black PVC cover. All fittings used are high quality Stainless steel. 


Re-usable fittings

Next to the hoses "made to order" we can also supply Re-Usable fittings for the PROGold hose so you can build your own lines. 

Contact us with your requirements to get a quote. 


We can ship most standard hoses made to order within 24 hours. Both single quantities and larger series.